Saunatruck is Finnish, 16 meters long sauna entertainment center, which has been running since 2003 around Finland and Europe in many different kind of events and festivals.

Showy set works perfectly as a base for different kind of promotions, product launches and other kind of events. It’s also easy to move around for a tour-off type of events too.

Today’s Saunatruck is already 3th of it’s kind, and it was built in 2016. in 2020 Saunatruck got a new Sauna interiors with the help of it’s new sponsors, Narvi, Huliswood, Ledify, Ceramet, Finnlines and Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomat

One of the many strengths of Saunatruck crew are not only working equipment, but also it’s brilliant staff equipped with the best possible customer service attitude, and 20 year experience of working with many different kind of events in Finland and abroad.

Saunatrucks reservation always includes crew for equipment’s set up and maintaining, agreed amount of towels, soap and everything you need for Finnish sauna experience.



Other Services

Finnish Sauna Village

Saunatruck is much more than a vehicle. It’s disseminator for the message of the national treasure.

Saunatruck’s crew has 20-year experience of producing different kind of Sauna Villages in Finland and abroad. Our crew has created Finnish Sauna village -areas especially for Finnish summer festivals, but also for example at the Ice Hockey World Championships at Denmark and Slovakia in 2018 and 2019.

You might also remember the Saunatruck from Eurovision song contest 2023, when the Sauna crew learned to drive on the wrong side of the road, and headed to the mighty Liverpool, UK with the finnish representative, Käärijä.

Contact Saunatruck’s crew for your customized set of Sauna Village services. Services could include approved amount of different kind of Finnish Saunas, hot tubs and Jacuzzis. We can also boost up your area with our furnished and decorated tent space with audio and lighting systems.

You can book your customized Sauna Village area for your company’s parties, family parties and of course to the delight of your festival or other kind of event!

Jacuzzi trailer pro 2000

Book Finland’s biggest Jacuzzi trailer!
Fits greatly for the events, where only biggest and finest is good enough.
This head-turning entertainment unit is engineered with the help of top Finnish professionals.


Jacuzzi trailer PRO 2000 is always booked with the crew, which handles the equipment’s set upping. Reservation also includes device training session for safety and proper use of equipment.

Unit needs the access for a water system and electricity for working properly.

F1 Jordan 198 Simulator

Here you can book a real showy F1 Jordan car with or without the simulator!

Jordan 198 has been driven by 1996 world champion Damon Hill, and German Ralf Schumacher. Car achieved Team Jordan’s first GP win!

Car is fully trackworthy, so it can be also used for example for pit-stop show sessions. The car with or without simulator platform is bookable with the crew.