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Saunatruck is a Finnish 16 meters long sauna -and entertaiment center, which has been running since 2004 around the Finland and Europe in different events and festivals.

Showy set works perfectly as a base for different promotions, product launches and other different events. It’s also easily possible to move in a tour-off type of events.

NEW, even more functional and better Saunatruck saw it’s first light of the day in June 2016, when it was presented to the big audience during F2 Motorboat Championships, in Peurunka Finland.

One of many Saunatruck’s strenghts are not only the working equipment, but also it’s brilliant staff with the best possible custom service attitude, which takes care of maintenance of the equipment, and moves with the complex till the last “hiss” of the sauna heater.

Through our services you will get towels and soap, and without a doupt the best skilled working staff to organize your events and gatherings. Contact us now!


  • Room for 15 people
  • RGB led lightning
  • Helo Kastor – wood-burning stove
  • Strong Salvos benches
  • Sound systems
  • Electricity air conditioner
  • 2 Showers


  • Room for 15 people
  • RGB Led Lightning
  • Heating equipment
  • Sound systems
  • 2 Fridges
  • TV with multible plug-inns
  • 15 lockers


  • 3m x 11m awnings
  • Grill
  • Tent space add-on for 80 people
  • The exterior sauna heater guarantees ambiance of a fireplace